No picture tells the truth.  The best do better than that.
                                                   -David Okrent, NYT

Photography Retrospective  1998  2016

Frere de Lys 1685 Frist AV New  York New York 

Everything and everyone have a story to tell. I love capturing an interesting photo of an inanimate object and letting viewers come up with their own ideas about it.

I have been experimenting with video lately. Check out my video reel here. There are some stories that can only be told through movement.

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I am an expert in a unique combination of three distinct areas of photography including events and corporate

photography, award-winning breaking news photojournalism, and international  documentary.

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I have been a professional photographer for more than a decade. I love capturing special moments and freezing them in time like a special memory. 







 Marcus Santos  has covered breaking news and features in the Big Apple for more than six years. He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in breaking news..

Marcus Santos